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Blessing Harison started designing eco-friendly macabre paintings and sculptures for the home after zie realized most artists toss things out without giving them a second thought.

Zie was also frustrated because it felt like kreepy macabre art was always looked down upon. Gothic homes are often ostracized, so zie wanted to create a space to share zier kreepy art with other gothic home decor enthusiasts. Zie no longer wanted to hide zies fascination of kreepy motifs and subjects.

Zie launched zies first collection of environmentally conscious products in 2018 called the Twinkle Twinkle Ocean Star collection in an effort to show the world the beauty of all things.

Today Blessayo is constantly growing as Blessing is always looking for ideas that help zies see the potential of everything.

Blessing also maintains a regularly updated bilingual blog zie has had since 2016 because zie believes in reaching out to as wide of an audience as possible. There is no limit to helping make the world a better place.

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