You Are Why We Do What We Do

How you helped Blessayo become a reality

It is amazing seeing all of the fellow kreepy doves decorating their castles with paintings and sculptures from Blessayo. Each alluring work of art is a chaotic adventure of pure harmony that has been faithfully handcrafted for true gothic home decor enthusiasts.

Before I created Blessayo, I was obsessed with creating art out of things that people didn't want. Growing up in generational poverty taught me to look for the potential out of everything. While other artists were quick to toss things aside, I held onto them, waiting for them to speak to me.

After just starting to branch out into the real world, I found myself homeless. I was also experiencing the harshest artistic burnout I had ever had. I got extremely upset one day to the point where I took a wood panel, my acrylic paints, and created a painting using only my fingers. As I admired my art, I was reminded that the real world is super toxic and extremely broken. But every time I made art, I felt as if I was making the world just a little less broken.

I was worried that no one would consider my art “worthy” for their homes.  There I was, a relatively new college graduate, making abstract art either with my fingers or making art with cardboard and other leftovers that professional artists toss out without a second thought.

But then...

After I started creating my abstractions in public areas, people noticed. They said my incredibly wild colors gave them hope. My art made them smile from ear to ear. They told me it was so different from the art prints they often saw at big boxed stores.

For just a moment in time, I made their world a little less broken.

I decided I set out to create the most wild chaotic works of art out of extraordinary materials for the average home.

It turns out...

The road was more like a cataclysmic series of events than I ever imagined.

I didn't know...

That there were people who truly enjoy macabre kreepy art. In 2018, I participated in the inktober drawing challenge. During that challenge, I made a lot of kreepy sketches. I was proud of them.

But people around me didn’t like that type of art.

“It’s too scary.” they said

“I don’t understand your art.” they repeated as they shook their heads at my sketchbook.

I wanted to please them so badly, but every time I made art, my “kreepyness” would seep through. The art that gave people hope in the past was very abstract. But my non abstract art made them uncomfortable.

I didn’t know what to do.

I felt between a rock and a hard place because I luv calaveras, skulls, and many other gothic things. I have been this way since I saw Edward Scissorhands as a kid.

I felt like I was finally coming out of my art shell, but as I did so the criticisms grew louder. It hurt trying to please so many loud voices.

My second burnout

In 2021, it finally clicked in my head that the average household did not like my art. It was a tough pill to swallow.

I stretched myself wafer thin creating a mini assortment of work with everything every critical person wanted. Even with all their specifications, my art still never stood up to what they found worthy for their homes.

I had enough. I was burnt out, again.

Going back to the basics...

Around 2020 or so, I read the book Who Moved My Cheese? It is a very well written book. But I didn’t fully understand its significance until I was trying to recover from my burnout.

I realized that if I want to be happy doing what I luv, I needed to start making what I luved. I needed to break out of my artistic shell and listen to my voice.

I wanted to immerse myself into the macabre. I had to fully let out and explore that creative side of me.

I no longer wanted to make art for the average home. I wanted to make art for your gothic castle.

Blessayo comes alive...

I made the tough business decision: rebranding. Before, we were Blessingvh Art. Before, we tried to create art for absolutely everyone. Before, I felt lost.

Now, we are Blessayo. We make weird art and enjoy decorating our kreepy castles with it. We use wild colors, expressive brush strokes, and loads of kreepy motifs. We are the opposite of Better Homes & Gardens, and we are proud of it.

But most importantly, I let my artistic voice guide me without hesitation so that every castle has a work of art that unites it top to bottom.

The best part?

Discovering that there are thousands of kreepy doves who share my enthusiasm. I always felt alone on a deserted island because of the kreepy things I enjoy. But finding you kreepy doves has made my heart happy.

Ya’ll helped me see that I don’t have to create art for the average home. It is better to create art for gothic castles instead.

Now you can experience wild colors for chaotic harmony!

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